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Being a Master Electrician requires continuous education, training, and experience. (Photo Credits)

Being an ordinary electrician is already rewarding especially if one is hardworking and honest enough to have a roster of loyal clients and steady stream of referrals. Some electricians though want to take their careers a notch higher by training and learning to become a Master Electrician.

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But how does an ordinary electrician become a master electrician?

The Electrical Safety Authority has explained how an electrician becomes a master electrician. In their official website, they listed down the steps, training and additional education that should be earned to become a licensed master electrician. Builders and Contractors

“This is a licence issued to an individual who has demonstrated at least 3 years experience in the electrical trade: (1) As a journeyperson electrician carrying out work under a valid C of Q, or (2)    Working for an electrical contractor as a licensed P.Eng. registered with the PEO, or (3)   Working for an electrical contractor as a CET or C.Tech registered with the OACETT. The Master Electrician exam will take 3 hours and costs $145.00 + HST.”

The whole guide can be downloaded here.

Master Electrician Defined explained in one of their posts the qualifications a master electrician has to have. The detailed write-up also highlighted that most master electricians own an electrician contractor business as they are qualified to mentor licensed electricians and work on big building projects. Electricians

“Considered the best of the best, a Master Electrician is an expert on electrical wiring, repairing electrical equipment and installing electrical systems. For those interested in becoming a Master Electrician, they need electrical technology education; more than 12,000 hours of supervised experience; and in some states, they need to pass a certification exam to become a Master Electrician. Some states offer additional certifications to enhance the credentialing of Master Electricians.”

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The website meanwhile discussed the educational requirements for a Master Electrician. In the same article, they discussed as well the experience and training the electrician has to possess in order to be a licensed master electrician.

“Colleges and vocational schools offer certificate, degree and continuing education programs for those seeking a career as a master electrician. Maine mandates a 576-hour vocational training program for electricians, while postsecondary education is optional in other jurisdictions. Some states accept a trade school diploma, associate’s degree or engineering bachelor’s degree in lieu of some of the required practical experience. Most states require electricians to pass the same licensure exam, regardless of their educational background.”

The continuation of the post can be found here.

Being a Master electrician requires education, skill, training, and continuous learning.

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