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What does a journeyman electrician do, and what are his responsibilities? (Photo Credits)

There are several kinds of electricians, and several levels within each kind depending on the level and training of the person. The term “journeyman” electrician may be familiar to some, but not everyone knows exactly what a journeyman electrician does and what his responsibilities are. sheds light on what a journeyman electrician can do, and what training programs and education they underwent. American Lighting Association

“Becoming a journeyman electrician is the first step to earning the distinction of a master electrician. Serving as the main licensing qualification, a journeyman electrician requires a two-year degree or certificate in electrical courses or four years of intensive experience under the supervision of a master electrician. In addition to learning the technical or academic aspects of electrical work, a journeyman electrician must also undergo 8,000 hours of supervised practical experience and pass a licensing exam.”

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Required education and training

A Journeyman electrician has to undergo schooling and training programs plus apprenticeship is order to acquire a license to practice their profession. explains the educational and training requirements needed to become a practicing journeyman electrician. Master Electrician

“Electricians generally learn their trade through a 4-year apprenticeship program, at the conclusion of which, you qualify for journey worker status and licensure. These are sponsored by industry groups and labor unions such as the Independent Electrical Contractors Association and the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers. Some community colleges and technical schools may also offer apprenticeship programs.  The classroom portion can provide you with around 600 hours of instruction in electrical theory, local electrical codes, blueprint reading and site safety. You’ll also receive 8,000 hours of on-the-job training. You may perform tasks that range from drilling holes and setting anchors to connecting and testing wires. An experienced electrician supervises your work throughout.”

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The website Electrical Career Now meanwhile differentiated the roles of each type and level of electricians. In its post, it also enumerated some of the skills and services a journeyman electrician can undertake even without the supervision of a Master Electrician.

“A journeyman must complete roughly 8,000 hours of training under the supervision of a master electrician over a four-year period. Working under the permits issued to a master electrician, a journeyman follows the master electrician’s plans and directions. However, a journeyman is licensed to work by himself without direct supervision while: (1) Installing outlets, wiring, and fixtures; (2) Addressing breaker fails or non-functioning lights; (3) Completing service work. A journeyman is not certified to play the role of supervisor to other journeymen or apprentices. To become a master electrician, the journeyman must gain additional experience.”

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Being a Journeyman Electrician requires education, training, and apprenticeships. It is important that homeowners are aware of the differences and skill sets of each type of electricians so that they can properly decide whom to hire.

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