Functional Copper Wires

Copper wires

Using copper wires. (Photo Credits)

Copper wires can be used beyond electrical purposes. It can be upcycled, actually. for instance featured a work of art made from thin copper wires. Builders and Contractors

“Anne Mondro is an associate professor at the University of Michigan. In 2006, she partnered with the university to develop a course titled Retaining Identity: the role of creativity in the healthcare setting. The class matched students with persons with dementia, encouraging them to find ways to use creativity and art to brighten spirits. The class explored the potential of ‘art to lift the human spirit in times of illness.’ As a leader in the course, Mondro wanted to create a stunning metaphor that highlights the relationship between patients and their caregivers. Using thin gauge copper wire, Mondro meticulously crocheted a realistic 3D model of a heart. It’s anatomically correct down to the very last detail!”

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Copper Wire Pendant

The website My Modern Met meantime featured a magnificent pendant that is made of copper wire. Electricians

“With this valuable material in hand, they wrap the material around stone pendants in a tree-like design. The wire spans the width of the teardrop and oval forms, framing them with delicate branches that electrifyingly extend and wrap around the stone. Aptly called Tree of Life necklaces, Recycled Beautifully twists and binds the same design over a variety of colors and patterns. Some stones, such as the opal or abalone, have a dazzling, psychedelic feel to them. Other finishes like turquoise or agate are more conventional but equally as stunning, showcasing Earth’s amazing creations with a clever eco-friendly enclosure.”

Take a look at the pendants here.

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Fossbytes meantime shared a way on how to make speakers out of copper wires, among other items that can be upcycled around the home.

“These tiny magnetostatic speakers are made of wires bonded to a thin planar surface. This metallic coil can be made from different kind of conductive materials — copper tape, conductive fabric, stainless steel thread, or conductive fabric thread. While this particular version is made with the help of paper, the coils can be fused to a variety of membrane materials like vellum, paper, tissue paper, fabric etc.”

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Copper wires can indeed be very useful.

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