DIY Solar-Powered Aircon Unit

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Sun-powered air cooler. (Photo Credits)

When trying to bring down utility costs it will always be a great idea to tap renewable energy. Solar power for instance is being used by more and more homes nowadays because it is a practical choice in the long run.

Air conditioning consumes a lot of power, and it may be best to try tapping renewable resources to power this home appliance. Builders and Contractors

Instructables gave a lowdown on how to make a do-it-yourself solar powered air conditioning unit.

“For 1 kilowatt and higher you want a maximum power point tracking (MPPT) charge controller. Basically it gives higher efficiency, can accept a higher voltage to deliver the amps into the battery bank. I use the outback flexmax 80amp mppt controller. It’s the best in class for the industry and it’s worth every cent of its cost. It’s fully programmable and can handle up to a 60 volt Dc battery bank.”

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How it is done

According to Green Building Elements, Solar Powered Air Conditioning is really great at lowering expenditures. Electricians

“The air conditioning system uses trough collectors to capture solar heat of around 150 to 200° C (302 to 392° F) and then store it in a 2,000-liter (528-US gal) thermal oil tank. Utilizing a heat cascading design, heat from the tank is used to heat the center’s ambient air in the winter and power an indirect evaporative cooler to cool the center in summer. The roof space required for the solar air-conditioning technology can be 40 percent less than a traditional single-stage desiccant system.”

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The website, The Homestead Survival shared a video guide in making an off-the grid air conditioning system.

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“The author lives in an OTG home but tells how he did not believe that air conditioning could be run on this concept. Summer can become quite frustrating without some cooling relief and it can affect your health. It is hard to find sleep if you are too uncomfortable from the heat. This was the reason the author found a way to have an off grid air conditioner.”

Watch the video clip here.

Energy savings will always be worth the Do-It-Yourself effort.

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