Electrical Code Violation Corrections

Electrical code violations in any home do not only present an imminent danger. It can also compromise insurance claims and be interpreted as a red flag when the time comes that the homeowner decides to sell the home.

Every homeowner must seek electrical code violation corrections in case there are any in his home. Doing so gives the whole household the peace of mind that they are safe from possible electrical injuries, or electrical fires.

Electrical Code Violations at Residential Homes

While most private residential properties are not at risk of getting penalized through random government inspections, other problems can happen in an instant. Safety risks can materialize at any time and fire hazards also abound in homes that violate the National Electrical Code.

The issues are usually uncovered when accidents take place and the insurance company refuses to cover the damages due to code violations. Likewise, code violations can surface when the property owner puts the property up for sale and home inspectors discover the code violations.

Rental properties and business establishments that violate the electrical code

And while no one will most likely report a random homeowner for violating electrical code, it is a different matter altogether for commercial establishments and rental properties. Anyone can report code violations especially if that individual is at risk of getting into an accident because of the code violation. Similarly, any renter can also report a landlord who has violated the electrical code in the property he is leasing. That same lessee could sue the landlord for liabilities in case he sustains injuries related to the code violation or losses.

How can an ordinary homeowner know if there are code violations in his home?

If a homeowner suspects that some electrical fixtures in his house are violative of the electrical code, then he can always seek the professional assessment of a licensed residential electrician. An electrical contractor can easily perform a thorough safety inspection that could unravel electrical code violations that pose dangers to the homeowner and the rest of his household.

Another sign that a home has electrical code violations is if any of the fixtures are installed, repaired, or replaced by a non-professional. If the homeowner himself performed the repair or installation, or any other person who is not a licensed electrician, it means that the fixture most likely violates the electrical code.

At Gforce Green Electric Solutions we will be more than happy to perform an electrical safety inspection on your property to know if you are at risk. At the same time, we can provide a no-obligation complimentary cost estimate for the rectification and repairs of the possible code violations.

Common code violations

Below are some of the most common electrical code violations found in homes across San Diego County and neighboring areas:

  • Outdated electrical panels and use of fuse boxes
  • Improper grounding on older outlets
  • Outdated or failing circuit breakers
  • Illegal splicing of wires and circuits
  • Overcrowding of wires
  • Missing or lack of AFCIs or Arc Fire Circuit Interrupters

Homeowners should not assume that it is okay to continue living normally at home even if there are code violations, just because accidents have not occurred yet. Code violations are problems that are waiting to happen. Get in touch with a trusted licensed electrician like us at Gforce Green Electric Solutions and allow us to take care of your electrical issues.

How much will it cost to fix electric code violations?

The cost of fixing or repairing electrical code violations varies depending on the fixture that is violative of the NEC. For instance, it is easier and cheaper to repair simple code violations like incorrect electrical outlet installation, compared to violations involving the electrical breaker panel.

The best way to find out is by seeking the professional input of a licensed electrical contractor. At Gforce Green Electric Solutions, we provide a free, no-obligation cost estimate that will let homeowners know how much they would have to pay to fix the electrical code issue in their home. Clients can rest assured that code violation repairs are honestly estimated, on-point, safely carried out, and with the best and highest quality workmanship.

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