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Lighting can influence productivity in any office situation, even the home office. (Photo Credits)

Ever wonder why offices have bright lights that almost simulate daylight? That is because lighting helps spark productivity. And for those that work from home, a great home office set-up would help a lot in increasing the productivity needed for that extra push to earn and learn. American Lighting Association

Decoist.com came up with advice on how to keep lighting functional and at the same time classy for any home office.  It emphasized that there is a benefit to mixing natural and artificial lighting, in any home office environment.

“One of the things you notice about some techno-addicts who are hooked onto their laptops, iPads and smartphones is the way they deliberately avoid any hint of natural sunlight. If you did not know better, you would be tempted to believe that these folks are long-lost cousins of Count Dracula! But in reality, natural light is not such a bad thing if you know how to use it in the right fashion. Yes, glossy surfaces can be a problem at times, but try and usher in natural light in a controlled fashion and ensure that in blends in beautifully with artificial illumination.”

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Apartment Therapy meantime came up with suggestions on improving home lighting, even for those who are just leasing their homes. Ambient lighting is one of their proposed solutions. Master Electrician 

“Ambient light is a great stress reliever. It’s pretty lame to look up from a long day of work and realize you’re sitting alone with only the light of your desk lamp for company. Ambient light fills the area with a soothing glow, for a warmer, more comfortable atmosphere.”

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The Spruce also came up with tips on having great lighting in the home office. One of the items discussed in their lengthy post was decorative lighting. “As mentioned, most home offices will feature ambient lighting that is diffused throughout the space and task lighting that is focused on specific workstations. Beyond these two functional lighting types, you may want to add decorative and accent lighting to help improve the visual character of your home office. Accent lighting like mantel or picture lights draws attention to objects or other elements in the room, while decorative lights—such as wall sconces—provide direct visual appeal.”

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Consulting a licensed electrician contractor can help in ensuring great lighting and better productivity in any home office.

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