Ways to Reset a Circuit Breaker

Knowing how to reset a circuit breaker is important. Having the knowledge on how to deal with a tripping circuit breaker can be a big help for any household. It can reduce panic, calm nerves down, and more importantly, help the home and its occupants move on and continue to be productive.

Electrician’s Tip in Resetting Circuit Breakers

Resetting a circuit breaker is something most homeowners can do provided that the cause for the tripping is not a complicated matter. (Photo Credits)

The Family Handyman gave a lowdown on why a breaker trips and what can be done about it. Builders and Contractors

“When a breaker trips (shuts off), it’s usually because too many things were running on one circuit at the same time and it got overloaded. So if you’re running one or more high-amperage appliances like hair dryers, toasters or space heaters, and the breaker trips, just shut off the devices and reset the breaker. But if the breaker trips for no apparent reason, there may be a short circuit-a much bigger problem, usually best left to an electrician to figure out. A tripped breaker isn’t always easy to spot.”

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Resetting a Circuit Breaker

TheSpruce.com also discussed the same topic, and gave easy to follow instructions in resetting a circuit breaker. Electricians            http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Electrician_and_Mechanic

“All breakers are the same in that you have to turn them off before you turn them on again. To do this, simply flip the tripped breaker’s toggle toward the outside of the panel, to the OFF position. Then, flip it back toward the center of the panel, to the ON position. If the breaker trips again right away, do not try to reset it again. There’s is clearly a problem with the circuit. Turn the breaker to the OFF position and investigate the problem and/or call an electrician.”

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DoItYourself.com also came up with pointers on resetting a circuit breaker. They emphasized that the suspected appliance or device should be unplugged prior to resetting.

“The first thing you need to do is to switch off all light fixtures and unplug any device that might have caused the problem. Then equip yourself with a flashlight to ensure that you have plenty of light while working on the circuit breaker. Locate the electrical service panel which should be positioned where the power comes into your home (for instance, entrance, garage, or basement). The panel will either have a lock with a key or a plastic latch which need to be opened. If you examine the circuit breaker, you will see that the switches have three positions—ON (towards the center of the panel), OFF (towards the edge of the panel), and a middle point. If the switch is in the middle position, it has tripped and needs to be reset. Push the switch towards the OFF position and then, push it back into the ON position, towards the center of the panel. You will hear a click sound. If the switch stays in this position, you should have successfully reset the circuit breaker, and the power will be restored.”

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If unsure as to what to do when a circuit breaker trips, seek the assistance of a licensed electrician contractor in the area.


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