Energy Efficiency in Mobile Living

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Mobile living and solar power can go hand in hand towards a more energy efficient way of life. (Photo Credits)

Families who have decided to live in a mobile home for good would often boast of energy efficiency versus their former way of living. After all, they no longer have to power up a home that is 10 times larger than where they are currently living. Such situation will definitely merit energy savings of even more than half the usual electric bill of any household. American Lighting Association   

Modern mobile home owners though take the energy efficiency scenario up another notch by going purely solar or sourcing their heating needs from solar energy. Science Direct has published a study on this.

“Mobile homes are different from the conventional home and building in configuration, structure, arrangement and cost. The concept and criteria of designing a solar space heating/cooling system for mobile homes differs somewhat from that of a conventional site-built house or building. The mobile home is a low-cost housing. The solar system developed for mobile homes should be really low in cost before it can appeal to the mobile home community.”

Download the research paper here.

Solar energy for all

Mother Earth News meanwhile said that Energy Efficiency is for all. It explained that the savings garnered by mobile homes through Solar energy can be doubled up by conventional homes when it fully switches to solar energy. Master Electrician

“Your home should have a south-facing window available to accept the collector’s air exchange plenum. The lower sash of this opening will be permanently blocked, so don’t plan on using the window for ventilation. Furthermore, if the opening isn’t located in the room you want to heat, you’ll have to run an inside duct to that area. Also, there should be no obstructions—including coniferous trees—in the vicinity of the window.”

Electrician Installs Garage Lighting

The original article can be found here.

Related Electrical Repair Services: meantime offered a step-by-step tutorial to its readers on a self-installation of solar panel grids for those who are into off-the-grid living.

Electrician Hacks Every Homeowner can Benefit from

“The solar panel size should be selected in such way that it will charge the battery fully during the one day time. During the 12hr day time the sunlight is not uniform it also differ according to your location in the globe.So we can assume 4 hours of effective sunlight which will generate the rated power.”

The full instructions can be found here.

Solar energy is indeed the way to go for cleaner, more cost-efficient power source.

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