The benefits of Sun Powered Food Preparation

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Preparing food can use up a lot of energy, hence going solar can help save a lot of money. (Photo Credits)

The kitchen uses up a lot of energy, given that food is a basic need and has to be prepared three times a day. It is also where most energy demanding appliances are like the refrigerator, microwave oven, electric oven, dishwasher, rice cooker, among other high-powered kitchen gadgets.

One way to reduce power consumption in the kitchen is to utilize solar power where possible.

The United Nations Development Program or UNDP for instance shared an article about efficient solar power usage in preparing meals of over 700 orphaned and destitute children in India. American Lighting Association

“The residential school takes in orphaned and destitute boys, and Raja cooks 120 kilos (265 pounds) of rice every meal to cater to their healthy appetites. It’s a job efficiently done, thanks to an innovative solar steam cooking system supported through a partnership between UNDP and India’s Ministry of New and Renewable Energy. In 2013, the 109-year-old charitable institution invested in a solar heating system that could fuel its kitchens, replacing fossil fuel with a clean, alternative source of energy captured from the sun.”

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Sun powered kitchen appliances

The website Trendhunter meanwhile came up with an article on solar powered appliances. One of which is a kitchen staple – the refrigerator. The refrigerator however that they featured is meant for vaccines so that it can be transported to far-flung places. Master Electrician

“Designed to operate solely off solar power if necessary, the True Energy Vaccine Refrigerator is able to adapt to its surroundings in order to monitor and control its internal temperature. Furthermore, because of how efficiently it’s designed, the fridge is also able to go up to ten days without being charged while still keeping its contents properly and safely cooled.”

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Imagine how this could be energy efficient in the kitchen? Take a look at the vaccine refrigerator here.

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The website meantime shared an instructional material on how to convert any home appliances into a hybrid solar-powered equipment.

“This project is a simple and cheap way to integrate renewable energy into your home by turning your appliances into solar electric hybrids. Here is how it works. A solar panel (or any other renewable power source) charges a storage battery. A control circuit continuously monitors the battery’s voltage. When the battery is fully charged, the circuit automatically turns on a power inverter and switches the appliance from running on grid power to running on the energy stored in the battery.”

Check out the whole tutorial here.

Solar powered appliances will indeed make the kitchen more energy efficient.

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