Light dimmers 101

I installed that dimmer switch.

Light dimmers can help lower utility costs. (Photo Credits)

Light dimmers can be a good type of upgrade for home lighting fixtures. Apart from allowing the user to adjust the brightness of the light, it also paves the way for more savings in terms of electricity use.

Light Manufacturer Philips shared the many advantages of using light dimmers specifically on LED lights. Builders and Contractors

“Saves energy, because less energy is used for reduced output levels. Extends life; the electronic components run cooler. This not only extends the life of LEDs but also increases the life of the phosphor coating that is used to produce white light. Helps designers create ambient lighting presets to create mood settings. Increases flexibility in usage of space. A brightly lit space for reading or an office space can turn into a presentation/conference area by dimming. Increases productivity by enabling individual control of lights in order to reduce eye strain and fatigue, or to improve concentration.”

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Energy Savings

HomeGuides SF Gate has explained how dimmer switches can help households save on energy costs. In their write-up they mentioned that if unsure as to how to install dimmer switches, property owners should seek professional help from a licensed electrician. Electricians   

“Dimmer switches put you in control of how much electricity your light fixtures use. They replace flip-type light switches, which only turn fixtures on and off; dimmers usually operate with a dial or sliding bar control. Adjusting the control adjusts the wattage output, resulting in more or less electricity and light as you need it.”

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The website also shared important information about dimmer switches, and the many benefits of using it.

“These days with the more modern dimmer light switches, you can control the amount of lighting with a remote control. Touch dimmers give you a change of lighting just by pressing a button. You can set the mood for any room that has the adjusted dimmer light switched lighting.”

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Dimmer lights also further the lifespan of a lamp since only a fraction of its power is used up on a daily basis.

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