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Electrician’s Take on Top DIY Mistakes

Common electrical DIY fails. (Photo Credits)

Electrical failures are not uncommon for those who may have undertaken self-troubleshooting for their home electrical problems. This is because most homeowners, however handy they are, lack the proper training and equipment (not to mention safety gears) to properly work on the electrical issues they may have encountered. American Lighting Association

UK-Based media outfit, The Independent has published an article discussing the most common repair failures undertaken by property owners. In the same article, they mentioned the possible dangers that the whole household may face should something go wrong with the DIY job that they carried out.

Electrician sheds light on Ambient Lighting

“What is a simple job for a qualified electrician can turn into a nightmare for a homeowner. We have been called out numerous times to rectify faulty wiring that has been caused by the homeowner attempting to carry out the job themselves, we have had damaged light fittings, damaged cables and switches and in some cases we have had electrical accessories that have caught on fire. In the end this costs the homeowner a lot more money to rectify than it would have to hire the electrician in the first place. Electricity is extremely dangerous. It can kill. Leave it to the professionals and don’t chance it to save a few quid.”

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Electricity is Dangerous

Electrical Construction and Maintenance Magazine meanwhile discussed in one of its articles, the most common mistakes that inexperienced electrical repair can bring about. Master Electrician

“A repair that isn’t done correctly is a failure waiting to happen. Some common errors include: (1) Poor hygiene. Lay disassembled parts on a clean surface, such as cloth for that purpose. At every step, prevent the introduction of grit, chemical contaminants, and water. Even finger oil on contact surfaces can create problems later. (2) Misapplication of lubricants. No, it’s not okay to spray breakers with a handy can of spray lubricant. A spray lubricant doesn’t have the “body” to adhere to high pressure points of contact. Use only the lubricant specified by the manufacturer. Don’t over lubricate.”

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Cable Organizer Learning Center meanwhile shared to its readers ways to avoid electrical dangers at home. In their advice, they emphasized that professional service should be heeded for electrical repairs.

An Electrician’s Energy Efficient Bedroom

“Have only licensed electricians install, repair and dismantle jobsite wiring. That way, everything will be completed according to electrical safety codes, ensuring greater protection for the workers who will be using the wiring to power tools and equipment. Bringing in a professional electrician also prevents the injuries that result when less-qualified individuals attempt electrical jobs that they aren’t properly trained to do.”

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To avoid accidents and safety hazards, it will always be best to seek electrical help from licensed expert electrical contractor

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