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It will be a lot safer if cables and wires are properly organized. (Photo Credits)

Organizing cables and electrical wires can be a challenge especially for appliances that are being used on a daily basis. Fortunately there are ways to organize the wires to make the whole home safer and more pleasing to the eyes.

Homedit.com came up with a feature article on organizing electric cables and electronic wirings to make for an uncluttered look. In their blog post they mentioned that homeowners do not need to spend to have their cords and cables organized. Builders and Contractors  

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“Keeping your cables organized doesn’t have to be difficult or complicated. There are lots of very simple solutions that you can use. For example, you can use toilet paper rolls. It might sound funny at first but toilet paper rolls are actually great for this. Simply write on each one what type of cable it contains and the labels will help you save space and time when looking for your cables.”

Check out the photo instructions here.

Wrapping wires

Home improvement website TheSpruce.com also mentioned several ways to keep cords from bundling up and becoming unsightly. One of the ways they discussed is wrapping cable cords. Electricians 

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“There’s no getting around it. Loose wires just look bad. The good news is you can spiff up your office quick just by bundling cords and cables together. A simple twist tie, found in abundance in any electronics packaging, will make quick work of the mess. You can bind wires together or tighten up unsightly slack by tying off loops of cable. For larger jobs, products like Velcro cable ties or Q Knot adjustable rubber cable ties can pull together bundles of even the thickest power cords. Plastic zip ties are also cheap and effective, but can’t be adjusted if you want to change up your cable layouts.”

Learn more about it here.

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Architectural Digest has a similar web post discussing ways to keep cords and wirings uncluttered. One of the solutions they offered is to run the wiring through the walls.

“If you want your TV wires to be completely invisible, the best solution is to run them behind the wall. To do this you’ll need to cut two holes in the drywall with a drywall saw, drill, or utility knife—one behind your television and the other near the outlet. Use a stud finder to make sure the spots you plan to drill are away from any wall studs and make sure to turn off the power to the room. Install wall-mounted cable plates on each of holes and run the cords through the top plate down through the lower plate. If your cords are on the shorter side, use an in-wall power and cable kit, which adds an outlet directly behind your television.”

Check out the rest of the ways they discussed in their original article here.

Organizing cables and wirings may take a bit of time but it is definitely worth it.

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