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recessed lighting

What are the pros and cons of using recessed lighting? (Photo Credits)

Recessed lighting may not be classified as an ultra-modern or trendy lighting idea, but it is one type of lighting recommended most by electricians. Electrical and lighting experts cite the many advantages it has over other types of lighting.

Home improvement website The Spruce explains what recessed lights are and where they are usually installed. Build Safe

“Can lights are recessed light. They get their nickname from their housings, which are cylindrical, metal, and pretty much can-like. Can lights are often used where there isn’t room for a hanging fixture or where highlighting or spotlighting room features is desired. People like them in their kitchens, living rooms, and closets, along with lots of other places. But there are a few more things you should know about can lights before using them.”

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Why recessed lighting

DoItYourself.com enumerated the many benefits of recessed lighting, especially in low-ceiling spaces like home basements. In one of their posts, they explained these advantages and why homeowners should choose this type of lights. Electrician

“One of the biggest advantages of basement recessed lighting is the space it saves. Basement rooms generally have lower ceilings, so a standard ceiling fixture may hang too low, causing you to bump your head. Even a small fixture may extend too far into the room. It presents a safety hazard.”

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The website Deco Lighting also emphasized the many strong points of recessed lights as a choice lighting fixture in a home. In one of their blog posts they even recommended recessed LED lighting as a great lighting solution.

“Recessed LED lighting gives you more flexibility in how you approach lighting a space. Recessed LEDs can be used as spotlights, ambient lights, or whatever else the situation may require. They also provide for adjustable light levels, allowing you to fine-tune the lighting in each area of your space for the best possible work and sales environment. Lights can highlight the products you want to highlight, and recessed lighting gives you deeper control.”

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Recessed lighting is indeed a great choice for homes, and even in commercial spaces.

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