Making Eco-friendly Use of  Electrical Fixtures

Master bed ceiling fan

Ceiling fans are an eco-friendlier alternative to cooling a home. (Photo Credits)

A growing number of homeowners are becoming more conscious about their carbon foot print and the ecological impact of their lifestyle. And for this reason some electrical contractors get random consultations on how to have an eco-friendly electrical fixtures at home. American Lighting Association

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Sunset Magazine came up with an article detailing the many eco-friendly alternatives of traditional appliances found inside the home. They also mentioned how to use the appliance in an eco-friendly manner. One of the appliances discussed are refrigerators “Refrigerators are the main energy users in kitchens, so try to keep them down in number and size. Also avoid adding special­ized refrigeration units for wine or for cool drinks for the kids upstairs or in the playroom, as each extra unit consumes a large amount of electricity. If you need more refrigeration space, it’s better to get a larger main refrigerator than one or two additional smaller ones. Also stay away from through-the-door ice makers and water dispensers, as they require more energy.”

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Eco-Friendly Usage

The website Eco-Friendly Houses also came up with a blog post on how to use existing appliances, or choose new ones, with care for the environment. One of the points discussed is washing machine usage. Master Electrician

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“Consider turning down the temperature dial on your washing machine as more than 90% of the energy they use goes into heating the water. Modern detergents are designed to work at temperatures as low as 30 degrees, and we can use 40% less energy washing at that temperature. Also, if your washing machine is over 10 years old, or rated D or less for energy efficiency, consider trading it in for a newer more energy efficient model, which can use as much as 50% less water than their older counterparts.”

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Australia-based home website Honey Homes also shared advice on what type of electric fixtures and appliances to buy for a greener home. One of the areas they advised about are ovens and cooktops.

“These appliances don’t have star ratings, but many factors influence their energy efficiency. Natural gas creates about one quarter the amount of carbon dioxide compared to electricity produced by burning coal, so gas ovens are best. If you buy an electrical oven, choose a model that is fan-forced for a 30 per cent energy savings compared to a conventional oven. Induction cooktops are by far the most efficient option. They use 65 per cent less energy than electricity and about half the energy of gas.”

The rest of their advice can be found here.

Having an eco-friendlier home is possible with the more intentional use of home appliances.

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