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Bedroom lights set the mood for rest and relaxation. (Photo Credits)

Lighting design for the bedroom can have a huge impact on rest and relaxation. It can meet needs for illumination at night time, and accentuate the great features of the bedroom and its design.

It is crucial that the right lighting is picked to correctly illuminate the bedroom where it is needed. The website Decoist discussed the factors to consider in lighting the bedroom. One of the factors mentioned in the write-up is the size of the bedroom. Master Electrician      

“You need to pick fixtures that emit enough light to illuminate every corner of the room in the desired fashion. The common tendency is to place way too many lights hoping that the presence of ample illumination will reflect your detailed design planning. But in reality, this does just the opposite, and the room looks too bright in one corner and dim in others. Even as sculptural additions, the pedants and chandeliers that you choose must be proportional to the size of the bedroom and surrounding decor.”

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Lighting Objective

Home construction and design website meanwhile shared tips on choosing the right lighting design for the bedroom. In their web post, they mentioned that the homeowner should always go back to their objective on how they would like to use the bedroom lights. American Lighting Association 

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“Think about the type of lighting you want and need. Bedside lighting is one of the first points of consideration for a bedroom. These lights can be a great excuse to add something fun and unique to accessorize your room. Table lamps on bedside tables or nightstands is a classic option that provides a good sense of symmetry and balance to a room.”

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Home improvement website mentioned several pointers in choosing the best bed side lamp for a room. In their write-up they mentioned the rule of thumb of having just one bed side lamp for one person, and two if two persons are using the bedroom. However they emphasized that if the bed is too big for one person to use, he can have two lamps in the bedroom to create a balance in terms of design.

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“Getting the scale right is a balancing act—the wider your mattress, the wider the nightstand; and the wider the nightstand, the wider the lamp atop it. For a rough rule of thumb, your nightstand should measure between one-third and two-thirds the width of your mattress, and the bedside lamp should be roughly one-third the width of the nightstand when measured at the lamp’s widest point.”

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Choosing the right lights for the bedroom is indeed exciting and fun!

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