Bulb Shapes and Sizes

Light bulb II

Light bulbs come in different shapes and sizes. (Photo Credits)

Light bulbs come in different shapes and sizes. In fact there are even some that may look weird, fun, or even amazing.

The website De-milked came up with a web post on uniquely designed light bulbs. One bulb that they featured are light blubs. Build Safe              http://www.buildsafe.org/

“This series of light bulbs take on forms which have gone way out of line, appearing as bulbous forms extending from industrial lamp shades. they take on various sizes and shapes, large masses taking over  and in some cases, appearing as if they are almost starting to consume the pieces of furniture in which  they are placed.”

Check out the designs here.


Fun and happy light bulbs

The website weirdomatic.com also shared fun designs of light bulbs. Flying bulbs made it to their list.  Electrician 

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“Deconstructed and embellished with wire decorations – Baroque style, some simple light bulbs become artistic sculptures.  The intricate embellishments that encircle the bulbs transform them in expensive “jewelries”. Wonderful creations by Michael Wiegand.”

Take a look at the photos here.

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Digital Features website Kim Comando meantime shared a unique type of light bulb – this time a light bulb that does not just illuminate but also kills deadly germs and viruses. In their feature they mentioned that the light bulb called Indigo Clean has been proven effective to clean bacteria especially in areas that should be highly sanitised like hospitals.

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“The lightbulb acts similarly to bleach when killing bacteria. The bacteria absorbs the indigo-colored light given off by the bulb and then a lethal chemical reaction occurs that stops the spread of the organism in its tracks from the inside. Since the light from the bulb is in the visible spectrum of colors it’s completely safe for continuous use in a hospital room or medical facility where germs are known to spread quickly.”

Read more about this light bulb here.

Light bulbs indeed can be fun and even more efficient too!

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