Increase in the demand for electric cars, seen

Electric Cars at NAIAS 2013

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Electric Cars are not just the trend nowadays, it just seems to be the most logical choice for every motorists who aim at reaping tons of advantages from driving a battery-powered vehicle. San Diego’s #1 Rated Electrician for instance shared in one of its articles that the demand for electric cars has been really on the rise. Their interview with Tesla’s CEO Elon Musk revealed the upward trend in using electric vehicles. Emergency GforceElectrician El Cajon. “Musk plans to ramp production from the current level of 1,000 cars a week to 2,000 cars a week near the end of 2015. Even with the extra output, Tesla is sold out — it has booked commitments for custom builds of 70,000 cars. Musk promises about 50,000 new cars in 2015, though the factory output and order book would indicate a number substantially higher.” 24 Hour Vista Electrician Service

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Tesla’s move is completely rational especially if people have become more informed about the advantages of using electric vehicles. Emergency Electricians Carlsbad Ca

Just like what shard in its post about electric cars. According to the tech website, electric vehicles not only help reduce carbon dioxide emissions, it will also help in cooling down cities. “Researchers have determined that EVs create a cooling effect in urban areas, since they aren’t producing heat that builds up in traffic jams. That, in turn, reduces the need for air conditioning, which spews out pollution and chews up additional energy.” Electricians

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Builders and Contractors. And the advantages does not end there. In Europe, various schemes are being implemented by governments to encourage their citizens to switch to electric cars. reported that In France switchers are given a 10,000 Euro bonus for switching to an electric car from the old school combustion type of vehicle. In the United Kingdom meantime, surcharges are being given to those driving old diesel vehicles. “In London, where a CO2-based ‘congestion charge’ has seen tens of thousands of drivers switch to small diesel vehicles, the city is now considering an extra £10 ($16.50) fee for those driving into the city center in older diesel models–in addition to the existing £12 ($20) charge.”

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With this, some manufacturers are already anticipating a larger spike in the demand for electric vehicles.