Vacuum Cleaners get more and more sophisticated

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The Demand for High-Tech Vacuum Cleaners is on the rise. (Photo Credits: Adam Kuban, cc: Some Rights Reserved)

Vacuum Cleaners are getting more and more technologically-advanced nowadays that robot-vacuum cleaners are now present in more and more households. The Best Electrician in San Diego California

In fact in Korea, the robotic vacuum cleaner did more than what is supposed to do. reported that the vacuum cleaner sucked up the hair of its owner while she was napping. “The vacuum cleaner’s suction was quite powerful, shocking the woman wide awake. However, her hair then quickly became entangled in the autonomous cleaning device. The woman was unable to free herself from the determined appliance on its own and was forced to call the fire department with a ‘desperate rescue plea.’” GforceElectrican Carlsbad California

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Last year, Dyson unveiled its version of a robotic vacuum cleaner, which according to the company is a no-frills vacuum cleaner that is the real deal. British website reported that the Dyson 360 is unlike any other robotic vacuum cleaner because it has a vision and navigational system. “Using the 360° camera to map out its environment, the vacuum cleaner travels in a square, spiraling pattern to systematically and efficiently clean its surroundings. The machine can also be operated remotely using the corresponding Link app, making it Dyson’s first foray into the smart-home space. Soon to be made available on iOS and Android platforms, the Dyson Link app allows users to schedule cleaning and monitor activity graphs when away from their home.” GFC El Cajon Electrical Contractors

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High-power vacuum cleaners though are now being banned in EU nations. Master Electrician. Website reports that this is in view of the EU’s aim to drastically cut down on electric consumption. “The EU has introduced a ban on powerful vacuum cleaners that run on 1,600 watts or more, which came into force September 1. Europe hopes it will help to save energy, but critics say the law is just meddling with private life. The ruling was thought up at the end of 2013 and is part of the EU’s drive to reach their target of cutting energy usage by 30 percent by 2030.” American Lighting Association

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So the next time you purchase a new vacuum keep these stories to mind.