How to Clean Your Ceiling Fan

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Clean your Ceiling Fans Regularly. (Photo Credits: Roger_Mommaerts, cc: Some Rights Reserved)

The Ceiling fan is one home fixture that gathers so much dust in the smallest amount of time. One day it is spanking clean, the next couple of days, it is filled once again with dust bunnies. Some ceiling fans however go through longer periods without being cleaned simply because cleaning it out is such a hassle. You would need to climb up a ladder, cleaning materials, and a lot of patience. Electrical Rewiring San Diego.

Is there ever an easy way to do this? shared a ceiling fan cleaning hack which make use of a pillow case. Emergency Electrician Oceanside. “The dust goes in the pillow case and can be repeated until all blades are clean. When you’re done, take it outside and shake it to set those dust bunnies free once more!” 24 Hour El Cajon Electrical Contractor

Read the whole cleaning procedure here. Encinitas GforceElectrician also shared its own ways on how to clean up a ceiling fan particularly during spring time. Emergency Electrician San Marcos. “While you’re spring cleaning this year, don’t forget to clean your fan as well. By thoroughly cleaning a ceiling fan at least once a year you can increase its longevity, improve performance, and benefit your health by removing dust mites as well.”

Read the tips here. also shares some clever and simple ways to clean a ceiling fan, and how to keep it dust-free. “Clean your fan regularly with the help of simple tools such as lint-free cloth, spray of all-purpose cleaner, and a cloth duster.” Big List of Electrician Services

See the tips on how to keep the ceiling fan dust-free here. American Lighting Association

Apart from ensuring home cleanliness, regularly cleaning ceiling fans also help in reducing allergens in the home.