How Electric Fences Provide Protection

Electric Fence - Lake Matheson

Do not Tempt Fate. Photo Credits

Electric Fences have long been used to protect people and property. And up to now, it continues to serve its purpose.
Website Bearing Arms featured the story of a thief who tried to break in to a house in El Reno, Oklahoma. Before the criminal was able to flee the crime scene, the homeowner was able to shoot him while he ran from the house, and on his way out of the property, he got electrocuted too.

“She grabbed the gun her son gave her for Mother’s Day and ran out the front door to confront the intruder out back.’[I cocked the gun], saw that the door had broke down, then I saw him hitting over the fence and head to the creek,’ Kouba said. Kouba said she fired and thinks she hit him in his backside. Adding insult to injury, the intruder got tangled in her electric fence before escaping.”

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Protection from another Type of Predator

Builders and Contractors. Apart from preventing intruder attacks electrical feces are also used to deter shark attacks.

In its website, feature an electric fence that could safely separate sharks from swimmers. “The system is assembled by simply stringing a 328-foot cable between a series of risers affixed to the seabed and turning it on. A team from the KwaZulu-Natal Sharks Board (KZNSB) have begun installing one just off Glencairn beach where it will remain for until next April. ‘If successful, it will provide the basis to develop a barrier system that can protect bathers without killing or harming sharks or any other marine animals,’ the KwaZulu-Natal Sharks Board told the AFP. “

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Related Electrical Service Repairs

Big List of Electrician Services. And while sharks seem to not mess around electric fences, some dogs are brave enough to test electric fences. A video shared by website Top 10 Viral showed a dog peeing on an electric fence only to get jolted.

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And while some may make fun of the electric fence, it remains important to stay safe and never underestimate the power of a live current.