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Sewing machine

A vintage Singer sewing machine. Photo Credits

Whenever sewing machine comes to mind, most people will conjure up images of a woman just sewing about, making dresses for a living or craft products as her hobby.

But the winner of United Kingdom’s sewing contest, “The Great British Sewing Bee” toppled these gender stereotypes. Website The Telegraph reported that the winner in the show’s third series, is a father of two.

“He managed to produce a stunning creation in the final round of the competition, a dress for his wife which separated him from a very tough crowd, says judge May Martin, who teaches sewing for the Women’s Institute.”

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Borrow it from the Library

In the United States meanwhile, the Sacramento Public Library is also loaning things other than books. Its “library of things,” now allows people to borrow sewing machines, among other machines that they would like to try or use for a few times, so that they would need to buy one anymore.Master Eectrician

“Lori Easterwood, who’s managing the Library of Things project, said the library itself owns a laminator that employees rarely use, and many people have similar items sitting unused in their home or garage. Such items may be better candidates for borrowing than purchasing, she said, noting that 94 people voted for adding a laminator to the Library of Things…The library has already purchased six sewing machines, which got the most responses in the first round…”

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But nothing could be more synonymous to sewing machine than the brand Singer. Website featured some vintage singer sewing machines, that will surely make collectors and sewing fanatics drool. American lighting

“The history of the sewing machine is filled with a lot of patent drama, but it’s Isaac Singer’s final product that has become synonymous with sewing since its success in the 19th century. These days, beautiful Singer sewing machines are popular antiques – and many of them can still sew like they did decades ago!”

Check out the photos here.

So have you ever tried sewing?