Unusual Machines

A button for charitable donations

A Charitable Donation Machine. (Photo Credits)

As the world becomes more modern and so are machines.

There are a lot of modern, unusual machines that not everybody may have heard of. Just like this dream come true for beer lovers.American Solar Energy Society

Website Elitedaily.com featured this Keurig-like Machine that dispenses ice-cold beer, instead of the usual steaming cup of joe. “The project was started by Steve Young from St. Louis, who’s clearly looking to make the world a better place by offering up what we’ve all been waiting for. I mean, who wouldn’t want a cold glass of brew at the push of a button right in your own kitchen? The SYNEK draft system will run for $299 if it goes into mass production. Keep in mind, this is only for the savviest beer drinkers!”

Check out the video here.

Fun and Great Ways to Recycle

The Animal Rescue Site meantime put the spot light on this machine that feeds dogs in exchange of recycling. “This recycling machine does more than just help the environment, it also feeds the stray dogs in the city! When a person puts a bottle into the machine, it dispenses food into a bowl below for the waiting dogs. Helping the environment and stray dogs – now that’s creative!”

Take a look at the machine here.

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And speaking of recycling, in Australia, recyclers are meanwhile rewarded with free bus rides or food stubs for recycling used cans and bottles. Website The Mind Unleashed shared that the machine is situated in Sydney. “The machines, located at Circular Quay and Haymarket, are a fun and easy way to encourage visitors and locals to do the right thing and dispose of their drink containers responsibly. Although these machines will only do a small part to counteract the effect of rubbish on the environment – according to the City of Sydney, around 15,000 bottles and cans are littered or thrown into landfill every MINUTE across Australia – but it’s hoped that the machines will increase awareness about recycling.”Big List of Electrician Services

Read more about it here.

So, what is the most unusual machine have you ever encountered?