Why you should explore vintage lighting

Chandlier, Let Their be Light

Old world charm. (Photo Credits)

If you are trying to make your home a little more homey and unique, then why not explore the idea of using some form of vintage lighting?

Lushome.Com shared 25 vintage light decorating ideas that will surely wow any home visitor. Builders and Contractors      

Shabby chic decorating ideas are a way to add unique look, charming personality and precious feel to your room. Blending attractive and comfortable interior design, light room colors, antique and unique vintage furniture, pretty decorative accessories, impressive chandeliers and natural fabrics into gorgeous and inviting living spaces, English, Swedish and American shabby chic decorating dramatically transforms rooms. Walls decoration is an important part of shabby chic interiors. Wall decor and shabby chic furniture can define the interior decorating style, set the tone and atmosphere of the room. Shabby chic decorating brings modern wallpaper with delicate floral patterns in pastel colors into your rooms, making them feel romantic and soft.”

See the look here.

Very Vintage

Architectural Digest meantime featured these lights that mimic vintage lighting feel. Electricians

Fortunately, manufacturers are now in a race to create convincing traditional-style LED bulbs that replicate the romance of early incandescent models. Lighting Science, a company best known for working with NASA to develop lighting for the International Space Station that responds to astronauts’ circadian rhythms, has introduced the Roxy—a down-to-earth bulb for residential customers featuring linear LED strips that look like incandescent filaments under clear glass.”

Check out the bulbs here.

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Hometalk meantime shared an instructional on how to make Halloween decorative vintage lighting.

A witch on her broom in front of a full moon is iconic at Halloween…and it’s easier than you think to create your own version! Habitat ReStore shops are filled with these old ceiling light fixtures, and the rest is so easy!”

Check out the step-by-step procedures here.

So are you convinced about using vintage lighting?


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