DIY Solar-Chandelier

Christmas Chandelier

Make your own DIY Solar Chandelier in a snap (Photo Credits) 

You do not need to shell out a lot of money to have a chandelier in your own home. In fact, you do not even need to dip on your financial resources to power it.

Enter DIY Solar Chandelier. Solar chandeliers can be done through the DIY rout, using ingenuity, creativity, and of course, an ounce of frugality.

Canadian website Garden Therapy for instance showed how easy it is to make one, and how it can add a new life to your garden at night. Builders and Contractors

“This DIY solar light chandelier is an easy project that took me all of fifteen minutes to put together. It adds a whimsical touch hanging from the tree above the rustic table and chair set that is part of my backyard play garden. Make this project in no time with a few common materials and then let your imagination run wild in decorating it.”

Read the step-by-step procedures here.

You just have to be creative

Electricians Homejelly meantime talked about how they found a new and use for a chandelier they had stored in their garage for a long time.

“Talk about a light bulb moment! Or, rather, a solar light moment. Of course! How simple! From this distance, I immediately knew that I was going to upcycle my loyal and trusty candle chandelier into a solar one. Thank goodness I held on to it. I guess I’ll have to lighten up on pack rats after all”

Check out the picture and instruction guide here.

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Hometalk meantime shared how they were able to light up an area in their garden that has no electrical access using a DIY Solar-Powered Chandelier.

“At the back of our property we have a secluded Picnic Area. With no electricity in this area, we always have issues with lighting, especially in the fall and winter. To solve our lighting issues, I dusted off this old chandelier and went to work giving it a beautiful makeover.”

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Get the instructions here.

So do you have a chandelier lying around in your home?

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