The Beauty of Christmas Lights

Toledo Zoo, Lights Before Christmas

Light up and Be Merry. (Photo Credits)

Whether you are decorating for your own home, office, or commercial establishment that you own or work for, Christmas lights take the Holiday Celebrations a notch higher – and a lot happier looking.

Hometalk shares a great idea on how to make Christmas even more sparkly and happier through DIY Christmas Lighted Décor. Electricians

“I just love the glow of Christmas lights. The more the better in my book! So I decided to add more to my decor by making a lighted Christmas canvas with a special ‘Believe’ message.”

Know how to make a lighted Christmas Canvass here.

Light up!

The most common Christmas fixture in any establishment – be it a home, office, or a shop is the Christmas tree. And nothing could make it look livelier, and more joyful than Christmas lights!

Two Twenty One shared how to put on Christmas Lights to your tree. Builders and Contractors    

“It’s true. I have a system when it comes to putting lights on our Christmas tree. But just hear me out. Growing up, we would throw the tree up and wrap the lights around it. I would stand on one side and my mom would stand on the other, and we would loop the lights around the tree, encasing it in lights. Not until I was older did I grow to not really like that look. It just looks too messy to me. And the tree doesn’t glow like I think a Christmas tree should. Enter Martha Stewart. I was watching her show a few years back when she demonstrated how to put lights on a Christmas tree. Martha said that you should wrap each branch with lights. Eureka! Now, Martha demonstrated on a real tree, which would be more difficult to execute than the type of artificial tree we have.”

Check out her picture guide here.

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Nothing however could be fancier than Christmas Lights Display.

The VeteransSite.Com lauded the effort of this family to put up a very patriotic Christmas lights display in their home.

“Not only is the Christmas lights display you’re about to see intricate and attractive, it also carries with it meaning. The display is a tribute to our fallen soldiers, pulsing to a unique remix of Lee Greenwood’s “Proud to be an American”. Prepare to be amazed at the display, and grateful for our freedoms!”

Watch the video here.

How are you lighting up your Christmas this year?

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