For those looking to move to Lakeside, California, there are a lot of reasons why one should pursue the living in the area.

The Advantages of Living in Lakeside, California

The Lakeside Rodeo is a popular event in the area. (Photo Credits)

The official website of the San Diego County described the Lakeside area.

“The desire to maintain a rural type of lifestyle has affected the way in which Lakeside has developed. A considerable amount of small-scale farming still exists in the community and many homes in the residential areas of Lakeside have small horse corrals evidencing a relatively high degree of horse ownership. Maintaining and enhancing the rural imagery of the area would be an important consideration for those wishing to develop in Lakeside.”

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Small Town Vibe

The Lakeside Chamber of Commerce also described the kind of town, Lakeside is and why people choose to inhabit the area. Learn more about Lakeside, CA

“Lakeside is a great place to lay down roots and raise your family. People move here to experience small town living. After moving to Lakeside most people don’t ever leave. Lakeside has something for everyone… We have beautiful Lindo Park and Lindo Lake in the heart of Lakeside that provides fishing, picnicking, bird watching and plenty of recreation for all. There is plenty of hiking, rock climbing, fishing, boating, golfing, kids activities and equestrian trails in Lakeside.”

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Tourist Magnet

One of the reasons why tourists would visit Lakeside is their Rodeo competition. The Lakeside Rodeo prides itself as the premiere rodeo in the South of California.

In its official website, Lakeside Rodeo recounted how it became an official rodeo event. Best Restaurants in Lakeside, CA

“The first rodeo for the newly formed Stadium Association was held in the spring of 1964. There were no rodeo grounds, so Ben found temporary seating, chutes as well as fencing and put on a rodeo in a vacant field much like it was done in the past. The event was successful enough that the Stadium Association decided that they could do this every year as long as they had a place to hold the event.
In 1966 the El Capitan Stadium Association was formally incorporated as a “not for profit” organization.”

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Lakeside is indeed a great community to live in.


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