For foodies looking for the best eats in Lakeside, California, they are definitely in for a great gastronomic adventure. Lakeside is teeming with dining options that answer to every craving. Be it Mexican, Italian, Old school American, or Asian.

Best Restaurants in Lakeside, CA

Gastronomic adventure in Lakeside, California. (Photo Credits)

Café 67 is one of the most recommended dining places by the locals. It is an All-American restaurant offering delicious comfort food that appeal to local taste, and come unforgettable for visitors and tourists! Learn More About City of Lakeside California

In its official website, the owners described how the restaurant started as well as their general experience serving the Lakeside community.

“Located at the end of Highway 67 on the southwest corner of Mapleview Street in Lakeside (at the traffic signal), Cafe 67 is well known for all its famous food, quick and friendly service, unique movie decor and its convenient location. It’s easy to spot; just look for the large Cafe 67 Movie Marquee created by Lyle Fisk of Hot Rodders fame on the corner.”

Check out Café 67’s menu from their official website here.

Craving for Mediterranean Cuisine

For those wanting to sample Mediterranean fare, the Lake Lindo Grill is definitely the place to be. Their menu is comprised of Greek and Mediterranean specialties that are much appreciated by the locals. From wraps, to kebabs, to Basmati rice dishes, curries and shawarma, all those cravings for Mediterranean food will definitely be answered! Places to Hang Out in Lakeside, CA

In their official website, they described the kind of food products that they offer to their patrons.

“Lake Lindo Grill recognized for its outstanding Mediterranean cuisine, excellent service, friendly staff. Our food is one of a kind and you are going to love it!. We use only using high quality fresh ingredients.”

Check out their food choices here.

Italian Restaurant at Lakeside, CA

Authentic Italian food is also available in Lakeside, with the many restaurants owned by families of Italian descent. Gaetano’s Lakeside is one family-owned restaurant that has been serving the community for decades. The Advantages of Living in Lakeside, California

In their official website, they recounted how they started their business.

“Since the restaurants are family-run, they may be considered to be “Trattoria.” In the spirit of the tradition of Trattoria, we are able to create delicious food at reasonable prices. If you stop by and try our food, you will taste the pride and passion that goes into every dish that we prepare.”

Download their menu here.

Gastronomic adventures are exciting and satisfying when in Lakeside, California.


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