Senior Living communities and assisted living facilities are available in the town of Lakeside, California. In fact senior citizens and their families will not have a hard time finding a community that they will love and be comfortable in because of the ample number of choices made available to them. The Advantages of Living in Lakeside, California

Senior Living Facilities in Lakeside

There are a lot of options for Senior Care in Lakeside, California. (Photo Credits)

One of the top of mind recommended senior care facility in Lakeside is The Lakeside Manor. It specializes in memory care and Alzheimer’s assisted care. Apart from providing special care services for seniors, they also provide respite care for the family caregiver of the senior patient. This specific service was described in their official website:

“A periodic break from care giving allows an exhausted care giver to relax, recharge and recover both physically and mentally. Lakeside Manor’s San Diego Respite Care is an invaluable service and truly allows care givers to restore their lives. Care givers who take advantage of this service often feel the temporary relief allows them to care for their loved ones with Alzheimer’s or Dementia much longer than would have otherwise been possible. At Lakeside Manor we are fully equipped to provide Alzheimer’s Respite Care and Dementia Respite Care. Our San Diego Respite Care facility is safe, secure and staffed with a team of professionals with the appropriate expertise in memory care. Since we are a Memory Care Assisted Living Facility, we are accustomed to caring for Alzheimer’s and Dementia patients. Respite Care is a natural extension of our core service and has been relieving San Diego families of their care giving duties for years.”

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Senior Assisted Living

The Village at Lakeside Apartment is a senior community that provides assisted living. It is located along Winter Gardens Boulevard. In their official website, they described their gated community including its amenities.  All About the Lakeside Rodeo

“Enjoy senior living at its best at Village at Lakeside Apartments. We offer one bedroom apartment homes in our gated community. Monthly rent includes water, gas, trash and basic cable television. Residents enjoy our planned monthly activities and our location. This beautiful retirement community is close to pharmacy, shopping, banking, restaurants and the senior center. Convenience, privacy, and tranquility are yours.”

Here’s a link to their official website.

More options

Family-owned Chaparral Rose is yet another option for senior care facility within Lakeside, California. The cozy “just like home” facility accommodates up to six residents who are given 24-hour on-site assistance. More About Lakeside, CA

“Our residents are always treated with respect and kindness in comfortable home setting. Chaparral Rose II is a home that provides 24-hour assisted living care for six senior residents, aged 60 and over. All rooms are cozy and attractively decorated. Our inviting facility has a large family room with a fireplace and a covered patio overlooking a spacious and shady backyard.”

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Senior living facilities in Lakeside, California are indeed at par as with those in other modern cities.


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