San Diego Should Follow SF’s Lead in Green Electric Energy

San Francisco has just began a new solar clean electric energy initiative, the new program is set to make San Franciso’s energy much cleaner. Under the new program, this would allow SF to generate and then deliver it’s clean energy through pacific electric and gas, the company that has long held a monopoly over SF’s energy distribution. Because such a program would essentially undermine the monopoly that PG&E has over San Francisco, it has been met with harsh critiziim and opposition. However, the program has garnered widespread support among est city offical and city supervisors.

The Main Benefits Of a Green Electric Program

Green Solar ElectricityThe main benefit that comes from this program, is the creation of 8100 new jobs for local residents and contractors. This will give the local ecnomy and even bigger boost and help drive san francisco into the new era of clean and renewable energies. Nearby cities and towns such as Sonoma and MArin have already demostrated the power of having a clean robust energy program. Not only, does it provide cleaner air and a better standard of living, but it also creates more jobs available to local residents.

he proposal, which has wide support among the city’s supervisors, would allow San Francisco to generate or purchase its own clean energy and deliver it to consumers through Pacific Gas and Electric Co.’s existing transmission network. The idea is to offer a cleaner alternative to PG&E.

Because CleanPowerSF could shake the company’s decades-long monopoly over delivering energy to San Francisco, it has met stiff opposition — including from Lee and his allies. But the program is overwhelmingly supported by the Board of Supervisors and the city’s left, which has long sought an alternative to PG&E.

The study by energy consultants EnerNex was commissioned by the city’s Local Agency Formation Commission and states the city doesn’t need to contract with an outside company and could easily administer CleanPowerSF through the San Francisco Public Utilities Commission.

The often-fractured Board of Supervisors has coalesced around the program, known as community choice aggregation, or CCA, and continued to push for some iteration of it even after the PUC commission last year refused to set rates and bring in Shell Energy North America to be the city’s power broker for at least five years. The PUC commission is appointed by the mayor.

Source: SFChronicle

Competitive Electric Rates in The New Program

In order to ensure that the power rates are competitive and worth the cost, the generation costs have to be laid out before hand. Also customers will be able to opt-out or opt-in to using the new transferbable renewable energy that is going to be flowing through the city grid. Customers can remain with PG&E or they will be able to choose to switch to a new provider.

The true biggest benefit here is that SF gets cleaner air, and more jobs. In a time were the economy is still struggling to regain its post 2008 status, more jobs are definitely welcome.

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