Solar Electricity


Solar Electricity On The Rise Around The World

Solar power is on the fast track to beating coal and oil as more and more countries are gearing towards solar power. The average cost of solar powered electricity is  going to be on par with coal and oil powered generation within just a few years. This prediction was made by Deutsche bank’s leading analyst in the solar power. In part this lower cost of Solar energy is a result of lower production costs for photovoltaic solar cells and the lower cost of installation. We expect the cost of a solar panel installation to continue to drop over the next few years. Soon we also predict that the cost of solar will significantly be reduced as the world moves more towards renewable energy sources.

Today, only 10 states boast solar energy costs that are on par with those of conventional electricity generation methods, such as coal-fired power plants. Those states include Arizona, California, Connecticut, Hawaii, Nevada, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New York, New Mexico and Vermont.

Last year, those states using solar power accounted about 90% of U.S. installations. But, by 2016, Deutsche expects solar energy to reach price parity in all 50 states.

For example, the cost of solar-generated electricity in the top 10 states for capacity ranges from 11-15 cents per kilowatt hour (c/kWh), compared to the retail electricity price of 11-37 c/kWh. In those states, there is currently about 6 gigawatts (GW or billion watts) of solar electricity installed. However, with the price of solar panels dropping, new solar leasing programs and the availability of low-cost financing, Deutsche expects an installed capacity growth of about 400% to 500% over the next three to four years.

Source: ComputerWorld

Current State of Electricity and Solar in U.S

Currently only ten states in the U.S.A boast of solar energy costs that are on par with conventional oil and coal electric costs. With the rise of new leasing programs, and signifcant Governemnt incentives, more and more states are also moving towards promoting solar energy on rooftop homes. Ideally, it would be best if every single suburban home in America had a roof top solar system.

Solar panels can be installed by certified contractors. Typically, Solar companies and electrician companies are in charge o contracting and installing solar panels for residential homes. Currently there are many government programs available that home owners can take advantage of. The most common program is a  no money down solar program, that pays for itself within 10-15 years.

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