A New Plan Option-R For Southern California Businesses moving to Green Energy

Southern CalifoSolar Electricityrnia Edison energy company is starting to roll out a new program called option-R. Option-R’s purpose is to make solar energy more viable and useful for commercial businesses and properties. Under the new program, demand charges which can account for up to half of a  companies’ electricity charges will be lowreed through the use of solar panels. Option-r will significantly reduce an electric bill with the use of rooftop solar. Becuase of the new rate system, the payback period for a solar installation will be greatly reduced and will allow for businesses to capitalize on the returns much much faster.

Hurdles for Getting Electric Solar Power

Essentially, if you have the perfect roof, and the perfect location for a solar panel, then you can be a prime canidate for this program. Originally, the biggest hurdle in having a solar panel installed was the inital upfront cost. The intial upfront cost is quite costly, and can be out of reach for non-profit organizations along with other small businesses. With option-R solar panels become much more attractive for investors and can open the doors for easier access to solar power.

A new electricity rate structure soon to be offered by Southern California Edison could make it easier for businesses and nonprofits to go solar.

Known as “Option R,” the new rate structure — which could be available to commercial electricity consumers as soon as January — lowers demand charges that are difficult to reduce with solar panels but which can account for half of a business’ monthly power bill. At the same time, Option R increases electricity rates — the portion of the bill that can be substantially reduced by adopting rooftop solar.

The result is a rate structure that shortens payback periods for solar-generating systems. Brad Heavner, policy director for the California Solar Energy Industries Association, said Option R “greatly expands the market” for rooftop solar at businesses and nonprofits.

Source: DesertSun

Still Requires Solar Electric Investors

Even with option-R an investor would still have to put the money upfront for a solar installation, but the recoup time for the solar cost would be much quicker. It is quite possible for Non-profts like musesums to entice investors in a solar program if the payback period is much lower. The program is still in its baby stages so it is still too soon to see if the program will be a success or not.

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