The Magic of 3D Printers

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What should we print next? Photo Credits

Have you ever thought of eating food fresh out of a printer? Yes, you read it right, printer. While it was originally intended for astronauts in Space, the technology sector says the new frontier this time is printing healthy types of food.

In its website, National Geographic featured a Dutch Designer’s healthy 3D food stuff which is basically a mix of dried fruits or veggies, spores, and good bacteria. “3-D printers are all the rage in the high-tech food world, turning out gorgeous sugar polyhedra and chocolate rosebuds – but if they’re to address world food problems in the future, they’re going to have to move into far more nutritious fare. That’s the idea behind Dutch designer Chloé Rutzerveld’s Edible Growth project. Rutzerveld produces “living biscuits” – that is, 3-D printed, meat-ball-sized hors d’oeuvres that are healthy, nutritious, natural, and – well, alive. They look a bit like little whiffle balls, but with sprouts and mushrooms.”

Read the rest of the write-up here.

More and More Projects

And while the high tech food industry is busying itself with healthy food, an artist meanwhile is creating a two meter ship model complete with the minutest details. Website says the 26-foot long boat is made up of 100,000 small pieces.Association of Edison Illuiminating Companies

“The Deluge is Peng’s way of showing the inability that humans have exhibited in rectifying uncontrollable catastrophic challenges. Climate change, ecological crises, and environmental pollution are all changes that this planet is facing, yet seemingly humans do not have a way to correct these problems. The work is meant as a metaphor for showing the battle being waged by Mother Nature on the accelerated development of industrialized civilization.”

Take a look at the 3D Printed Boat here.

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But what 3D printing project could beat a 3D printer that prints a 3D printer?

Master Electrician. Website featured this printing technology. “Like how some animals can regenerate limbs or like how humans can, uh, make babies, 3D printers can 3D print the 3D printer parts necessary to make more 3D printers. Thankfully, they still require some living person to put these parts together because if they didn’t, they could just start eliminating us one by one as they self-replicate and replace us all.”

Check out the video here.

If given a chance, what 3D printing project would you like to undertake?