Pre-paid power meter

Prepaid electricity subscribers claim they ave up to 30% on their electricity bill when they shifted to prepaid. (Photo Credit: Charles Wiriawan, “Prepaid Power Meter” cc: Some Rights Reserved)

 Everything you need to know about prepaid electricity

Subscribing to prepaid electricity san diego is the way to go for some countries where pre-paid electricity has already become an option.

In the United States for instance, Texas residents get to choose their electricity provider, as well as rates and plans for their usage – a big departure from the usual postpaid metered use. says as a deregulated state, Texas allows its residents to choose the best electricity provider that could not only provide their needs, but could also present electricity packages that fit their monthly budget. “In just a few simple steps, you can obtain reliable electric service, lower your electric bill, and increase energy efficiency for your home or business in Texas.” Read the whole story here.

But how does prepaid electricity work, and how come it has become a cheaper option?

In this video from, prepaid electricity is described as just the usual home electricity service but is metered much like a prepaid phone line. And since the consumer is not required to pay the usual start-up fees, and they become more conscious of their usage, they get to save 20-30% of their utility bills for the same set of appliances. “Ordinary consumers will not find it difficult to shift to prepaid as the system is easy as loading prepaid credits into a mobile phone. A text message will tell the prepaid consumer that his load is only three days’ worth, which alerts him to reload.”

In Guam, prepaid electricity has also become an option for consumers. explains here that interested residents just need a smart meter, and then sign-up for the program. “Some of the benefits no return item fees no deposits no late charges because you really pay as you go so let’s say if you deposit one hundred dollars on your prepaid account on your prepaid you can set up thresholds.”

If you are considering the idea of switching to prepaid electricity, you may want to check if it is already available in your area. Next thing to find out are the plans and packages that are being offered, and what suits your household the most. Then you can sign up.



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