Four Easy Ways to Organize Power Cords using Household Items

Organizing Power Cords is Easy and Does Not Cost Much

Wire tangle

(Photo Credits: XWRN, cc: some rights reserved)
Power cords can be unsightly in a household or office especially if they are loose, or worse tangled. It should not be that way though because even ordinary household items can help in organizing these wires. In fact organizing power cords is easy and does not cost much.

Here are four easy, and low-cost ways to organize those power cords, before they turn into a very unsightly mess that harbors dust:

1. Bread Clips. The good news is you do not have to spend much just to make your cords look neat. relates that even bread clip that come free with every loaf that you buy, can be used to fix your cord problems. “Use a pen to write what a cable is for on a bread clip and then clip it to the cable near the power outlet or computer. That way you can see at a glance what each cable does without getting up.”

2. Clothespins. Yet another humble household staple that could be used to organize power cords. The suggests that after labelling the cords for what they are used for, these could then be bound using clothespins. “Put a little piece of washi tape on the end of the cord and marked which device was its match. Then, I used a clothespin to neatly wrap each cord and secure it.”

3. Breadbox. Yes you read it right, you can use a breadbox to organize power cords, and even put away phones while they are charging. shared this trick of organizing unsightly gadgets that are being charged. “Just drill a hole in the back, thread a power strip cord through it, and close it down to hide the mess!”

4. Houseplants. If you want to take the organizing and hiding of the power cords a notch higher then why not heed this advice from In this video, they shared that “In just about 15 minutes, a green florist tape… and an artificial vine… can turn a power cord into a look-alike house plant.”

Organizing power cords should not be expensive and hard. These tips are a testament that one just needs to put in a little time and effort to make things look more organized.


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