More and More New Technologies are Becoming Available for Mobile Phone Charging.

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Charging mobile phones has become routine experience for most individuals. Those that use smartphones could even charge up to twice a day as the gadget uses up more batteries than conventional cellular phone units.

There are several new technologies now that could improve the cellular phone charging experience. Some are even environment-friendly as it utilizes sustainable energy.

The Globe and Mail reports that more and more new technologies are becoming available for mobile phone charging. Furniture giant, IKEA for instance has launched a furniture line with built-in mobile chargers. “The new furniture uses the Qi wireless charging standard, found in some Windows and Android phones, including the new Samsung Galaxy S6 expected to be launched soon. IKEA said it will also provide special charging covers for iPhones and older Samsung Galaxies.”

Greener mobile charging options

Those that are on-the-go but would love to have lesser carbon foot print, might want to try greener mobile charging options using recycled cardboard mini batteries. shared this revolutionary and environment-friendly way of charging cellphones, “Sick of carrying around cables and bulky chargers? Tired of searching out plugs and waiting for your phone to charge? This award-winning cardboard battery concept is disposable, biodegradable and will give you a charge for two, four or six hours.” The batteries are very small and could be carried around even on the pocket.

Another example of greener mobile charging options in the Solar-Powered cellphone chargers. Solar chargers are now getting more portable, and easier to use. featured a solar-powered cordless mobile phone charger that is free, and of course provides unlimited charging hours. “It’s made with an acrylic protective layer, crystalline silicon, a nano battery, and a polycarbonate chassis. The battery has 1550 mAh capacity and is rated at over 1300 cycles.” And because it is cord-free, there’s less hassle for the user, and it is also neat.

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Cellphone charging shouldn’t be a pain especially with these new technology aiming to just do what Smartphones do for its users – make their lives easier.