Outlet installation and Relocation San Diego

Power outlets are the most essential electrical fixtures inside the house. Without it, most appliances and electrical devices cannot be used at all. Ideally, each home must have these wall receptacles within six feet of every wall, but most households do not have enough. Today’s technology-driven world has kids needing receptacles for their mobile devices, kitchens needing more outlets for new appliances, and living areas needing dedicated receptacles for entertainment systems and the like.

While power strips and extension cords seem to be the perfect workaround for the lack of outlets, or wrong outlet placement, it is not the safest option and it is certainly not a long-term solution.

Gforce Green Electric Solutions can install and relocate power outlets in your home, in the safest way possible. We will ensure that you could maximize these outlets to your advantage and lifestyle.

How much does it cost to install or relocate a power outlet?

Many factors come into play when it comes to installing or relocating outlets. These factors usually include the existing outlet location, access to the crawlspace or attic, current number of fixtures connected to the subject circuit, the material used for the wall structure, and then if there is a presence of moisture behind the walls that could affect the wiring.

The longer the distance of relocation, the higher the cost would be. Problematic wires would call for extensive rewiring, which also increases cost. However, homeowners have to bear in mind that it is safer to use a wall outlet and dedicated receptacles than to have to use extension cords all the time. We at Gforce Green Electric Solutions can guarantee your safety, and we will make sure that you are in control of your budget as we can give you a free, no-obligation cost estimate before pushing through with the outlet installation or relocation servicing.

How many electrical outlets can be installed in one room?

Usually, outlets are six feet apart from each other, however, there are times when homeowners would like to have more than that due to some appliances or specialized electrical devices. However, additional outlets would depend on what the current electrical service can provide. If in case the home needs more than what the electrical panel can provide, then we would be more than happy to upgrade your electrical panel for you.

Outdoor power outlets

We at Gforce Green Electric Solutions can also install power outlets outside your main living area so that you can have a power source in your deck, garden area, lawn, or backyard. Such outlets are called GFCI Outlets which are safe for outdoor use, and are the safer option compared to using extension devices during outdoor home parties, barbecues, and when needing to charge mobile devices while spending time outdoors.

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