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What consumers need to know to reduce their monthly electric bills

Vampire Electronics incur electricity costs even if they are turned off. You have to unplug them. Photo Credits: “Nice Power Strip,” taken by mroach, cc: some rights reserved.
Month after month, homeowners get their monthly bills, analyze it and think how come their bills have increased or remained high. They ask themselves questions about their usage and consumption patterns, only to realize that it has not changed a bit.
What consumers do not realize is that in their homes lie electronic vampires that suck up energy.
But what are vampire electronics, really? explains here that these are the appliances that eat up power even if they are turned off. “For example, if you have your desktop computer plugged in year-round, you’re paying up to $25 per year just to have it plugged in. Multiply that by the number of people in your house with a plugged in computer and it quickly adds up.”

In this post, enumerated the worst offenders, so to speak. “Electronics that have LED displays or use remotes require a certain amount of standby power, though practically any item with an external power supply can draw standby power.” If you need help with a poway electrical circuit breaker repair then give us a call now.

But since it is inconvenient for most people to unplug appliances that they use on a daily basis, tools like power strips. relates in this article that with the right power strip, you can save up to 10% off your electricity consumption. “Plugging a collection of electronic devices into a power strip allows you to cut power to all of the devices at once with the flick of a switch on the power strip itself.” Our Certified contractor Electrician San Diego Electrical Contractor will be able to help you fix your next problem!

The impact of vampire electronics on a household’s energy bill can indeed be controlled. It is a matter of conscious effort on the part of the homeowner. Our San Marcos Electrical Contractor can be at your location in 30 minutes or less!

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