Amazing Light Shows

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The Magic of Light Shows. (Photo Credits)

Ask any kid or kid at heart if they would like to watch a light show and chances are they would want to watch one.

This star wars themed light show for instance was featured over at Builders and Contractors   

“Calling the crazy light show on this guy’s house “Christmas lights” is a bit of a stretch. It’s almost as if the holidays just happened to arrive as YouTuber Tom BetGeorge was put the finishing touches on his Star Wars Rock & Roll Light Show Extravaganza. Sure, there’s a large Christmas tree, but there’s also a drum kit in the driveway! The candy canes make sense, but look like they’ve been sidelined in order to make room for the giant, flaming guitar. The display has been featured twice on Good Morning America, as part of a contest called “The Great Christmas Light Fight,” but it could just as easily been a story about a technically gifted music fan who has lost the plot when it comes to both Christmas and Star Wars. Nice to look at, though.”

Watch the video here.

Let it go

Rare.US meantime featured this house that exhibited a frozen-themed light show as their house Christmas display. “One family from Austin, Texas wants everyone to ‘Let It Go’ this Christmas. The Storms, who have been putting together elaborate light shows since 2010, decided to go with the Frozen theme this year…It took three weekends to set up the more than 25,000 lights, but according to the Storms, it was well worth it.”

Check out the video here.

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This wedding cake featured over at meantime gives way to an amazing light show. “Disney is taking wedding cakes to a magical new level by creating interactive cakes that recount classic Disney tales. They achieve these amazing results with the help of projection mapping. In layman’s terms, that means lighted images are projected onto a white wedding cake. The animation appears to scroll down the tiers, adding a whimsical, oh-so-Disney touch to the celebration.” Electricians 

Watch the short but sweet video here.

So what light shows are you looking forward to watch?

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