Take Precautions against electric shocks


The many hazards of an electric shock. (Photo Credits)

Getting electrocuted is no joke that is why a lot of precautionary measures are being taken in establishments and in homes to ensure accidents of this nature does not occur.

Electricians In Australia, a certain model of heater has been recalled from stores. In its website, 9News reported that the recall has been made after the company discovered that there is a danger of electrocution in using the products. “A number of defective heaters have been recalled by Woolworths and Big W for fear they may cause electric shock or fire. The defect relates to the power plug’s pins which may dislodge when the plug is removed…A Woolworths spokesman told the Sydney Morning Herald no injuries relating to the recalled products had been reported.”

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Really Electrifying

Builders and Contractors The website That Pakistan meantime took a closer look at the Electric Eel. “According to the scientists, electric eel is capable to generate electric shocks of up to 600 volts. Usually, its produces electric shock for both hunting and self defense purpose. The electric shock is strong enough to kill a crocodile. The specie is found in the oceans and rivers of South America while it keeps the cylindrical body. Electric eel has less scales than other kind of fish. It seems like a snake because of its flattened head and grayish body. All of these characteristics have made it the best predator and sign of horror for its hunters.”

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This story featured over at ExplicitGists.com showed a person who rose above being in an electric shock accident.

A 48-year-old man has overcome his disability to take care of his ageing mother on his own. Chen Xinyin from Chongqing, south west China, lost his arms after getting a massive electric shock aged seven, reported People’s Daily Online. Since then, he’s learnt to cook, farm and now even looks after his bed-ridden mother.

The disabled man’s amazing strength of character has been captured in a series of moving photographs that’s recently emerged.”

See the moving photos here.

What precautions are you taking to minimize the dangers of electric shock in your home?


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