The beauty of accent lights

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Beautify your home with accent lights. (Photo Credits) 

If you want to further beautify and emphasize the great design points in your home, then you may want to look into having accent lights installed. Electricians 

DIY Network for instance shared 10 things every homeowner should know about accent lighting, and how it can improve the look of your home.

“The right illumination can change the look and feel of your home. Check out these tips on where and how to place accent lighting. Tip 1: Light only what you want to see. Through lighting, you have the ability to direct attention on the things you want people to notice in your home. Lighting can amp up visual drama like nothing else.”

Read the rest of the tips here.

Accentuate your dressing and make up table.

Builders and Contractors featured ideal cove lighting installations in the vanity table. “Though makeup vanities may seem like a caprice, not a must-have, they often prove their practicality and become impossible to part with once their valuable statute is discovered. Makeup vanities with lights are particularly great additions to a home, offering a complete package.”

Check out the pictures here.

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Reef Builders meantime featured in its website a LED accent light. Perfect for those with aquariums on their homes or commercial spaces. “When most people see a teeny tiny LED light, their first thought is probably of nano reef aquarium applications. Naturally, a physically small light is ideally suited for smaller tanks, but we also see diminutive LED light engines like the AI Prime as a perfect light to compliment contemporary lighting, like T5s and metal halides.”

See the design application here.

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