GFCI – Ground Fault Circuit Interrupters San Diego

Ground Fault Circuit Interrupters or GFCI Outlets are one of the most common types of power receptacles in modern homes across the United States. Unlike the traditional power outlet, GFCIs have a built-in mechanism that automatically turns off electrical flow upon detecting an issue that could cause electrical shocks or electrocution.

In essence, GFCIs detect imbalances in the amount of electricity that flows from the hot and neutral portions of the receptacle, which could cause electrical injuries and damage to appliances. As soon as it monitored a difference of about 4 milliamps or more, it immediately trips the circuit within a 30th of a second. Having said this if GFCIs are already existing in one’s home, it is crucial to keep them well-maintained so that they can continuously keep everyone safe.

The National Electrical Code requires homeowners to use GFCI Outlets in home areas where the outlet will be adjacent to a water source. These areas include the bathroom, the kitchen, laundry areas, garage or carports, as well as outdoors.

How GFCI keeps your household safe

GFCIs are very important, especially in the kitchen, the bathroom, the laundry room, and the outdoors. Water and electricity should never mix but accidents can take place anytime. It is easy to splash water in an outlet when children play around in the bathroom. A wrong move can also douse water into an outlet near the kitchen sink or cooking area. The rain can pour anytime while working on an outdoor project with a power tool.

When water gets into the receptacle or the appliance or electrical device that is plugged in, it can immediately trigger electrical shock or electrocution. Both humans and pets are at risk of sustaining electrical injuries and having a default safety system in place can spell the difference between safety and emergency.

The GFCI will immediately turn off electrical flow into the outlet as soon as it detects water getting into any of the outlet’s slots or in the device that is plugged in. This ensures that even children will be kept safe from serious or even fatal electrical accidents if ever they accidentally get water into a power receptacle.

Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter Installation, Testing, and Repair

We at Gforce Green Electric Solutions can install GFCI Outlets throughout your home. As the leading local electrician, we have installed countless GFCIs in San Diego homes and neighboring communities. We can provide you with a free, no-obligation quote for your GFCI outlet installation or upgrade. Likewise, we can also provide testing services for existing GFCI Outlets. It is important to know if the GFCI outlets that you currently have are working correctly. It is difficult to assume that they are when, in reality, they are failing already. We could repair or replace malfunctioning receptacles so that all GFCI power outlets in your home are in optimal condition and can work as expected, round-the-clock.

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