What to do when an outlet sparks

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Electrical outlets are easy to ignore as long as they are properly working. But once they do not – and worse, spark as well, then problems may soon arise.

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So what should a homeowner do when an electrical outlet seems to be problematic in his home? Service ratings website Angie’s List says problems with electrical outlets may be symptomatic of a bigger electrical problem in the home and would definitely merit a call to the electrician. “The wiring may be loose or the device may be cracked internally. If a plug is loose in a receptacle, it can pose a problem as well. If the plug partially falls out, an unsuspecting individual could accidentally receive a shock when unplugging the cord. If you suspect this is the case, hire a professional electrician to inspect your wiring to determine whether any loose connections exist, and replace any defective devices.”

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When the plug is out of place

Build Safe This Old House meantime shared its diagnosis and possible solution to an outlet that has been out of place. “Danger level: High. Loose contacts can cause arcing, which can ignite dry wood and dust. Solution:Replace the old receptacles as soon as possible. (A new one costs about $2.) Many homeowners feel comfortable doing this themselves. Electricians will charge about $8 or $10 per outlet, although there’s likely to be a minimum charge for small jobs.”

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The Circuit Detective meantime shared possible reasons why an electrical outlet suddenly malfunctions.

“A set of outlets or lights simply went dead. If you have reset any breakers or GFCIs (do you know How to?), you are probably left with a poor connection somewhere along a circuit. So find the Location of this ‘open.’ Half of an outlet works, but the other half doesn’t always work. Even after years in your home, you may not be aware that one half may be energized by a wall switch. The other common cause is that use over time has loosened the hold that one half has on the cords you plug into it.”

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When outlets malfunction, the best course of action is to consult an electrician contractor who can safely and immediately do something about the problem at hand.

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