Upgrading to Energy-Saving Models

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Will upgrading to an energy-efficient washing machine help in lowering utility bills? (Photo Credits)

Energy-efficient washing machines are getting even more popular recently because of its pocket and eco-friendly features. Not every household though takes the plunge to ditch their current washers in favor of newer and energy-efficient models.

But is it worth it? The US Energy Department’s Energy Star has highlighted the many advantages of using energy-efficient washers and dryers. In their article on choosing washing machines, they mentioned that apart from bringing down utility bills, it also helps a household attain a smaller carbon footprint. Electrician http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Electrician

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“ENERGY STAR certified clothes washers use 25% less energy and approximately 33% less water than standard models, using a variety of sophisticated cleaning methods. Certified dryers use approximately 20% less energy and incorporate advanced features that combine less heat with sensor drying to prevent over-drying – saving you energy while reducing unnecessary wear and tear on your clothes.”

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Front Load versus Top Load

Energy Australia also shared their two cents in choosing an energy-efficient washer. In their website, they mentioned several factors that affect the energy efficiency levels of a washing machine and a dryer. One of the features that matter is whether clothes are loaded through the front or the top. Build Safe http://www.buildsafe.org/

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“Replacing a top-loading washing machine with a front-loading model is the number one way to clean up your energy bills; front-loaders can use a whopping 60 percent less energy and water.
New machines should have lots of efficiency-focused features as well. In particular, look for programmable timers to take advantage of off-peak rates and the ability to select cold water cycles with lower spin speeds.”

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Home improvement website The Spruce meantime rounded up the best washing machine and dryers in terms of energy efficiency. The Samsung HE Front Load Washer led their list of most recommended high energy-efficient washing machines.

“Featuring 4.5 cubic feet of space, this machine is reasonably-sized, packs plenty of features, and is competitively priced for a front-load washer. The washer has eight preset wash cycles and nine additional wash options that can be selected to match the needs of each load. The machine also offers features often found on higher-end models like VRT Plus Technology that reduces vibration and noise, and a self-clean option that will keep your machine odor-free.”

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Using high energy-efficient washing machines has a lot of advantages, indeed.

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