Electrical safety is important when working from home

Electrical safety is important when working from home

Ever since the pandemic hit, working from home has been the preferred way of carrying out the usual 8-5 office job. Dining rooms have been transformed into work desks, and home offices have been way busier and filled with more gadgets than ever. Along with it come various cables and wires, chargers, and electronic devices.

Power strips, extension wires, and charging docks are in demand at home more than ever. office equipment and other electronic devices are left on standby mode 24/7, chargers are used round the clock. Unfortunately, these electrical wires, cables, and electronic devices do not get the care and attention it needs. Gforce Green Electric Solutions Along with this reality come electrical safety risks. So how can electrical safety be upheld while working from home?

Ensuring electrical safety in a home office environment

There are several ways to ensure electrical safety in a work-from-home environment. Foremost in this is determining if there are enough power receptacles to handle the additional electrical demand of working at home. In the beginning, temporary work offices, also known as dining areas, employ extension wires, and power strips to plug in laptop chargers, mobile device chargers, and other office equipment like printers and additional lamps. Lakeside Location And while this could work, it presents safety hazards such as overloading power outlets and physical hazards like possibly stumbling on these exposed wires.

If the work-from-home set-up might be a regular thing, it is best to get a residential electrician to install additional power outlets to handle the load. Designating a permanent work from the home spot helps determine where these receptacles are to be installed. Homeowners should also take the opportunity to upgrade electrical service if needed. Ask the electrician if an upgrade is due given the additional electrical requirement of a news outlet, and the existing power demands of the property.

Other safety tips when working from home:

Keep electrical wires and power strips out of children’s reach. Make sure to fold and stow away the wires and cables in a bag or drawer when not in use. Poway Location

Refrain from overcharging mobile devices such as laptops, tablets, and cellular phones. Do not charge these devices while they are on top of highly combustible objects like an upholstered chair or couch.

Do not bring beverages in the same area where wires, power strips, and mobile devices are exposed.