Make your Own Lava Lamp

Lava Lamp

How to make your own Lava Lamp. (Photo Credits)

Lava Lamps are pleasing to the eyes and fun to look at. And the best thing about it is that you can make one at home! Builders and Contractors  

Lil Luna shared a way to make Do-it-yourself Lava Lamps. The ingredients are actually in your cupboard, and it is super easy to make! “Empty water bottles. The hubby said there was a flavored water drink whose bottle looks like a lava lamp but I couldn’t find those. These VOSS bottles seemed like they would work though. Fill a little over half way with vegetable oil. Fill the rest until about one inch from the top with water.”

Check out the rest of the procedure here.

Something Glittery

If you want a lamp that is even more glittery, then check out this DIY Project from Hello Wonderful. Electricians    

“Lava lamps are the groovy colorful lamps you remember seeing as a kid and there’s a super easy way to replicate the look at home that makes them fun for kids and a cool science experiment to boot. See how to make these easy Mason jar lava lamps with some common kitchen ingredients and glitter for some extra sparkly fun!”

Watch the DIY Lamps in action here.

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Science Alert meantime featured an experiment on what could happen when melted aluminum is mixed unto a Lava Lamp.

“Have you ever been kept up at night wondering what would happen if you poured molten aluminium into a lava lamp? No? Well, neither had we, to be honest, but once you watch this video of the Backyard Scientist doing just that, we guarantee you won’t be able to stop thinking about it.”

Check out the video here.

So do you prefer a store bought lava lamp or a DIY?

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