The Power of the Wind

TechnoSpin's PowerSpin TSW 2000 wind turbine 2

How to use the wind to power your off-the-grid home. (Photo Credits)

The wind is one of the best sources for alternative energy that is open to everyone. If you are looking into harnessing wind power to provide energy for your off-the-grid home then a windmill is a great power generator. Builders and Contractors  

Survivopedia shared seven projects that you may want to consider. “Wind power is one of the most abundant, available and easy-to-use energy sources on earth. People learned to harness wind power in ancient times; just think about windmills and sailboats. They were used throughout our history to accomplish everything from transporting goods to discovering new worlds (think Christopher Columbus). Obviously, things have changed as technology evolved beyond our wildest dreams, but wind power still has many uses, especially when it comes to generating cheap, sustainable power. So, if you’re a bit skilled in construction and you’d like to use wind power as an alternative source of free energy.”

Check out the projects here.

Wind Energy

Practical Survivalist meantime shared how to make a Do-It-Yourself windmill that can function as a water pump. Electricians  “This DIY project shows an easy and cheap way to build a wind mill water pump out of simple things that you can find laying at your house .This build of the Windmill pump shown is a small scale prototype that could be the appropriate technology for your homestead.”

Watch the instructional video here.

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DIY.Org meantime featured some Do-It-Yourself wind-powered toys.” These hand crank toys are a fun way to explore mechanics. Customize your own by painting our building your own creatures.”

Check out the sample toy here.

Have you ever wanted to harness wind power?

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