Do-it-Yourself Wind Power Generator

TechnoSpin's ComSpin S1 Wind Turbine 2

Homemade Power Generators Using Energy from the Wind. (Photo Credits)

Harnessing wind power does not necessarily have to come from Turbine, and it does not have to be in large amounts. In fact you can use wind power through a DIY apparatus, which can harness just enough energy for everyday electric-powered devices like a mobile phone charger. Builders and Contractors in fact featured this wind-powered charger that is designed to be installed in a bicycle.

“A clever 16-year-old named Thomas combined his two passions, cycling and electronics, into one very useful DIY gadget. Using a tired CPU fan, an old phone battery, a bunch of electronic pieces and some simple tools, he came up with a brilliant $5 cell phone bike charger to power his phone while riding a bike. With some basic electronic knowledge and a few bits and bobs, you can make your own to make sure you will never end up with a dead phone while on the road.”

Check out the charger here.

Wind-Powered Mobile Device Charger

Interesting Engineering featured the same invention. Electricians  

“The base component of this device is an old CPU fan which can be obtained at little or no cost. This fan works as a wind turbine that converts the kinetic energy of wind into mechanical energy. It also uses other components you can recycle from old computers. Thomas’ device can generate up to 4V and 60 mA, but as this alone is insufficient to charge a conventional lithium battery, the AC current is converted to DC to charge up the battery via a Joule Thief circuit, which gives enough voltage boost for the build in Lithium ion battery.”

See the photos and read about the explanations here.

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Camping Life Quest meantime put the spotlight on a Do-It-Yourself Wooden Alternator for a DIY Windmill.

“After building the all wooden windmill I felt inspired to make a larger and sturdier version. The following page offers a brief description of building the alternator and testing it. I designed this alternator WHILE I was building it, using mostly intuition and working around supplies available. Undoubtedly many improvements could be made.”

Check out the invention here.

How would you like to do a project like this?

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