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When the breaker trips constantly, homeowners should seek the help of a licensed electrician to find out its root cause. (Photo Credits)

A breaker box is crucial in ensuring the over-all electrical safety in every home. It is designed to trip when there is a power overload, or when there is short-circuit. Given these, the panel helps prevent electrical fires, electricity-related injuries, and accidents, and it prevents damage to appliances and other electrical fixtures. And while tripping can be expected to occur, the constant popping of one of the switches should signal the owner that it is time to have a qualified electrician check the home’s electrical system. Builders and Contractors

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Home improvement website explains how a short circuit can cause breakers to keep on tripping. In his post, he mentioned that it is crucial that a licensed electrician be summoned to help address the constant tripping to remain on the safe side.

“To test for circuit overload, the next time the breaker trips, turn off all the switches in the affected area and unplug all appliances, lamps, and other devices. Flip the breaker back on and then turn on the switches and plug-in/turn on devices one at a time. Wait a few minutes in between to see if the circuit will remain on. Each time you turn on a light or run an appliance, you’ll be drawing more electricity through the wires.”

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Tripping breakers and blowing fuses

DIY Website also tried to explain why a breaker may keep on tripping. One of the reasons it cited in its online article is possible problems on the electrical wiring.

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“You may have a bad connection to one of the wall plug outlets. It could be loose, or the wires may be frayed or brittle. You could take the outlet covers off the ones that are on the breaker that keeps flipping off and see if you have a loose wire. Be sure not to touch a wire to see if it is loose. If a wire is loose, flip off the breaker circuit switch to kill power to the outlet. Then use a screwdriver and tighten the screw holding the wire to secure it.”

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Home improvement website also discussed continually tripping breakers, and in their write up, they mentioned how a homeowner could deal with it. They also discussed the four primary reasons why a switch would keep on tripping, and one of those specified is a circuit overload.

“An overloaded circuit is the most common reason for a circuit breaker tripping. It occurs when a circuit is attempting to draw a greater electrical load than it is intended to carry. When too many appliances or light fixtures are operating at the same time, the internal sensing mechanism in the circuit breaker heats up, and the breaker “trips,” usually by means of a spring-loaded component within the breaker.”

The rest of the explanation can be found here.

It is crucial for every household to have the continually tripping breaker inspected by a licensed electrician.

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