For those craving for Mexican cuisine, Chula Vista is a great city to explore. It is home to several Mexican restaurants that capture the best Mexican fare.

Casa Don Diego over at Third Avenue is one of the top of mind recommendations for Mexican dining when in Chula Vista. In their official website they mentioned the food history of their restaurant.

Best Mexican Restaurants in Chula Vista

Have a Mexican food trip in Chula Vista, San Diego. (Photo Credits)

“Casa Don Diego has been serving Chula Vista residents since 1969.
Its family atmosphere keeps bringing Chula Vista families back time after time, today we see grand-parents bringing their grand-children and telling stories about Casa Don Diego.Quality food and service has been the mainstay of Casa Don Diego/Famous for its Margaritas, Chicken and Beef Fajitas and its Sunday Champagne Brunch Casa Don Diego will continue to serve Chula Vista residents with the same family values it has become famous for.”

Check out their official website here.

Most Recommended Mexican Cuisine in Chula Vista

Another Mexican place that continues to receive rave reviews is the Aqui es Texcoco over at Broadway. The restaurant takes pride on the traditional Mexican Lamb Barbecue that keeps their customers coming back to them.

In their official website, they recounted the accolades they received because of their specialty.

“The Barbacoa style includes slow roasting meat for more than seven hours in an underground fire pit covered with the succulent leaves of the maguey plant. By using a specialized oven, we’ve replicated this process, making our Barbacoa the closest to traditional lamb barbecue you’ll get in the US. As a result, our restaurant has been highlighted in press across the nation including by The Travel Channel’s Andrew Zimmern and Rachel Ray Magazine.”

Take a look at their website here.

Mexican Grill

Seeking for a Mexican gastronomic fare Miguel’s Cocina is one restaurant to consider. In their official homepage they took pride in the freshest ingredients that they use for the dishes that they prepare. In their website, they looked back on how they started their first ever outlet in San Diego.

“San Diego arguably boasts the most authentic Mexican flavors north of the border. This love of traditional regional cooking inspired the Morton family to open the first Miguel’s Cocina in 1982. Beginning with a few classic recipes culled from our chef’s family and friends, the menu captured the true spirit of Mexico. And its authentic style drew a loyal following of those in search of Sonoran grilled swordfish tacos, sizzling sirloin fajitas, and spicy rich chicken mole. Over three decades and seven locations, our signature friendly service and festive decor have made Miguel’s a San Diego tradition for locals and visitors alike.”

Check out their full menu here.

Chula Vista is indeed a great place for a Mexican food trip.

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