There are several Catholic Churches in Chula Vista for those searching for mass celebrations or wanting to attend church activities.

Saint Rose of Lima is one of the churches Catholics may visit. It is over at H Street. In their official website, they mentioned that their church was founded in 1921.

Catholic Churches in Chula Vista

There are several Catholic Churches in Chula Vista, San Diego. (Photo Credits)

“Saint Rose of Lima Catholic Church, A Parish of the Catholic Archdiocese of San Diego. Founded in 1921 in Chula Vista, California with pastor, Rev. Michael Egan, and his flock of twenty-five families. Currently blessed to be serving approximately 5,500 families and open to serve more. St. Rose of Lima has nearly 20 masses a week and offers all day adoration on Fridays and confessions Saturday morning. We have over 30 ministry groups, giving our parishioners an opportunity to participate in faith formation, parish life and/or Christian service.”

Check out their official website here.

Church along Cuyamaca Avenue

St. Pius X Roman Catholic Church along Cuyamaca Avenue is yet another Roman Catholic Church to visit when in San Diego. It was built in 1955 as mentioned in their homepage.

“In the spring of 1955, Bishop Charles Buddy commissioned Father James McGinley to form a new parish in the growing south bay area of San Diego County. The first Mass was celebrated on Ash Wednesday of that year in a rented house. Father McGinley dedicated the new church to St. Pius X, and adopted words from that Holy Father’s coat of arms for the motto of the parish: “To restore all things in Christ”. The first Mass in the new church building was celebrated on Thanksgiving Day 1955.”

Check out their parish schedule here.

Jesuit Parish in San Diego

The church of the Our Lady of Guadalupe along Kearney Avenue is a Jesuit Catholic Parish in Chula Vista. They hold daily masses and the masses are held in Spanish and English. In their homepage, they mentioned how the Church was built.

“The parish of Our Lady of Guadalupe began as a mission of the Parish of Our Lady of the Angels in San Diego. As a result of the revolution, many Mexicans had crossed the border and settled in the southern part of the parish. The pastor then felt unable to assist the community and requested that a special mission be created for these people and the parish was founded in the border area. La Purisima Mission was founded in 1917 and soon the Bishop of Monterey-Los Angeles made it the Mexican national parish of San Diego with the name of Our Lady of Guadalupe.”

Read more about the parish here.

There are several Catholic Churches in Chula Vista, where Catholics can hear mass.

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